11 Billion Document Benchmark Overview

TSG has successfully tested the OpenContent Management Suite (OCMS) of products with a repository containing 11 billion documents running on Amazon Web Services.  The benchmark was populated with TSG’s OpenMigrate product and was able to achieve ingestion speeds of 20,000 documents per second with over 1 billion documents migrated on an average day.  OCMS provides a modern user interface for common document management capabilities for a variety of ECM platforms and has included hundreds of clients across various industries.   OCMS for DynamoDB provides native AWS support for DynamoDB users to provide a modern and highly performant ECM solution.  OCMS for DynamoDB along with sample configurations and documents is available as a trial within the Amazon Marketplace.

Learn about TSG's 11 Billion Document Benchmark Phases here:

For a deep dive into the architecture of TSG's DynamoDB Contant Management Solution, please read the following articles:

For a Summary of our findings, please read: http://www.tsgrp.com/2019/06/24/dynamodb-11-billion-document-benchmark-summary-of-postings/

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