Moving Alfresco to AWS Guide

Download a step by step guide to move Alfresco to the cloud.

Whitepaper highlights:

  • Executive Summary – Detailing how ease of deployment and configuration, reduced cost, elastic scaling and Cloud Benefits make Alfresco on Amazon superior to on-premise solutions.
  • Amazon Web Services Overview - Provides an understanding of the basic components of AWS and what is required for a fault tolerant Alfresco infrastructure.
  • Alfresco Components on AWS - Provides a basic fault tolerant architecture for Alfresco on AWS.
  • Installing Alfresco on AWS - Shares an understanding of what is required for an installation of Alfresco, as well as how to leverage Amazon Marketplace and Quick Starts.
  • Migrating On-Premise Legacy ECM to Alfresco on AWS - Describes alternatives of how to move content from other repositories to Alfresco on AWS.
  • Migrating On-Premise Alfresco to Alfresco on AWS - Provides additional options for existing Alfresco instances to move to AWS.
  • Innovative Advantages of AWS over On-Premise Alfresco - Discusses additional advantages of running Alfresco in the AWS cloud versus on-premise and advanced architecture implementations of Alfresco on AWS.

In the coming month look for additional information on the upcoming TSG/Alfresco/AWS quickstart for the OpenContent Management Suite.