11 Billion Document Benchmark White Paper

In May of 2019, Technology Services Group initiated an 11 Billion Document DynamoDB benchmark, which was completed in June 2019. With the success of the benchmark, TSG was able to successfully demonstrate that AWS, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch and our OpenContent, OpenAnnotate and OpenMigrate products could scale to an unprecedented level and represented the next evolution of enterprise content management, a Big-Data, NoSQL approach for the multi-billion object repository. This white paper will detail the TSG’s approach to next generation, large scale ECM solutions, benchmark activities and lessons learned.

Topics include:

  • DynamoDB ECM Background
    • NoSQL Database
    • Searching (DynamoDB Key)
    • Searching (Elasticsearch & Key)
    • AWS S3 or Glacier FileStore
  • Benchmark Solution Overview
    • DynamoDB AWS Benchmark Environment
    • Benchmark Data
    • Benchmark Use Cases
  • Benchmark Lessons Learned
    • Phase 1 - Migration
    • Phase 2 - Search Indices
    • Phase 3 - Adding Documents
    • Phase 4 - Load Testing
  • ECM Database Approach